#actsofkindness: A CPN Holiday Give Back Project

November 17, 2020 12:00 AM to December 11, 2020 5:00 PM
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COVID has created an interesting 2020 to say the least. On a positive note, CPN has adapted nicely to the flexible landscape with a focus on serving our members:

  • Aaron Bopp has worked to bring the programming online by adding monthly Lunch and Learns and Round Table Discussions;
  • Sara Downing found a creative way to highlight the Star Awards with video presentations;
  • Thomas Bagilvo and Jen Weaver developed a safe and successful Golf Tournament;
  • Brian Mass has planned and implemented the most successful Clay Tournament to date;
  •  Michael Cole and CPNI have continued town workshops with a virtual component. 

With all of these efforts, CPN has maintained membership numbers, and under the financial leadership of Tod Creech, Treasurer, we are financially sound.

In the spirit of giving back, the Board of Directors has chosen to donate the funds normally spent on the Christmas Party to two charities. We hope to increase the impact by engaging our membership in matching funds up to our $2,000 budget. If you can share, we ask for your help and support in these charities.  

  • Please join us in our CPN #actofkindess holiday project, by donating to one of the two charities noted below.
  • When you make your donation, please indicate you are with CPN of NC.
  • The charity will be keeping tabs of our member donations and CPN will make a matching donation to each charity (up to $2k total)
  • Make your donation between Tuesday, November 17th & Friday, December 11th. CPN will match the donations up to $2k total for both charities.


A champion for every kid
"Every child deserves the safety and stability of a loving home. So, we recruit and train foster parents. We also train people and churches to wrap-around and support the foster families in their communities."

Give every family a chance to succeed
"Out of the Garden Project is a story of miracles — the story of amazing things that would not happen but actually do — because people like you come together to move mountains of hunger with programs that provide food to families in the Piedmont Triad so they can grow, learn, and thrive."
*note in the memo line you are a CPN member